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Exhibitor cases


RCA: Oluwaseyi Sosanya

Conceived by Royal College of Art graduate Oluwaseyi Sosanya for his graduate project, 3D Woven Structures shares similar layering techniques to 3D printing, but with a further step to hold structures in place. Sosanya took inspiration from the mechanics of sewing and industrial knitting machines to create his revolutionary woven structures in 3D format.

Structures are created via guide tubes, with the initial winding programmed to run prior to the Sosanya. In collaboration with footwear designers Lixian Teng and Tomiwa Adeosun, Sosanya has created a woven shoe sole from one continuous thread with auxetic properties,

Oluwaseyi Sosanya

which allows the woven structure to become thicker perpendicular to an applied stretching force.

Shoe soles are one commercial application, but Sosanya is confident the technology could also create medical implants and architectural structures.


RCA: Daniela Paredes, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Pierre Paslier, Guillaume Couch

Conceived in London a year ago, the initial idea and vision for Gravity Sketch developed as a group project between four Innovation Design Engineering students of the Royal College of Art.

The team initially developed experiments to question the creative process, image visualisation and the limitations of existing creative tools in 3D computing software. Within a short time the team developed their first prototype and early testing swiftly highlighted the potential of the concept to those who took part in initial tests.

Gravity Sketch

Further development followed and Gravity Sketch was patented in February 2014.

The British Invention Show team are proud to offer a platform for raising investment for this innovative vision for creating 3D.


RCA: Daniela Paredes

R-Tex is a reactive textile controlled digitally and animated through bio-data produced through sensors. It changes appearance through the movement of its fibres controlled by a micro-actuation system integrated in the woven fibres.

Daniela Paredes

Path - Walk with confidence

RCA: lise Pape

The Path System utilises visual and tactile clues to aid individuals with walking difficulties to walk with greater confidence.

This in turn leads to greater independence which then reduces social isolation.

Lise obviously cares greatly for the problems associated with frailty and Path is a great contribution to helping others.

Lise Pape